Hong Kong Cobras

The Hong Kong Cobras (https://hkcobras.com/) were founded in 2011, upon which establishing themselves as one of the first full contact American Football teams in Hong Kong. Initially restricted to practice sessions on the weekends, an under-strength Cobras roster travelled to the Philippines for their losing competitive debut against the Philippine Punishers. However,  subsequent friendlies including games against the Shenzhen Crusaders and Zhuhai Berserkers saw much-improved performances.

In 2014, the Cobras joined the American Football League of China (AFLC) and were unbeaten in regular season games, going 5-0 in 2014 and 4-0 in 2015. While the Cobras have been dominant in the regular season, playoff games have proven challenging, with losses against the Congqing Dockers in 2015 and Shanghai Nighthawks the year before. 


The Team


2016/17 hong kong american football league


2nd July 2017
Hong Kong Cobras vs Hong Kong Fenice
Happy Valley Sports Ground
3.25 pm
14th January 2017
Hong Kong Cobras 28-8 Hong Kong Combat Orcas (Pre-season)
Happy Valley Sports Ground

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