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Hong Kong begins long farewell to famous Sevens home

9 Apr 2019

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5 Sep 2019

It's 30 degrees outside in Hong Kong. 

Despite the blistering...

30 Aug 2019

Photo credit: Hong Kong Rugby Union  

The Hong Kong Seve...

27 Aug 2019

Elderi Wiese was brought up in a culture with a fierce passi...

26 Aug 2019

Photo credit: Hong Kong Rugby Union  

Hong Kong once aga...

22 Aug 2019

Photo credit: May James Photography 

In what they describe as...

20 Aug 2019

Photo courtesy of Jason Bray 

This summer, Jason Bray is a ma...

15 Aug 2019

Photo credit: Financial Times 

After over a century as a crow...

31 Jul 2019

Photo credit: Ka Shing Ho 

It is set to be a busy summer for...

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