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🛰️ About | More Chaos

More Chaos promotes engagement & support for recreational and competitive sports & activities in Hong Kong.


Our focus is on the local, domestic sports community, sharing news & achievements, and helping to nurture and promote our home-grown heroes, and show support for our weekend warriors alongside our most prestigious elite athletes.

The aim of More Chaos is to connect and unite the Hong Kong sports & activity community - connecting people to the various resources available, and helping you to lead an active and healthy lifestyle!

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More Chaos

🛰️ About | The Team

Josh is More Chaos' curator of content, resident wordsmith, and action man - camera man!

While Josh is an avid football fan, he's recently decided to give rugby a try (excuse the pun). When he's not chasing after a ball, he's super-setting in the gym.

If you have a question about anything content/coverage related, Josh is your expert in the field (quite literally).

Leo is More Chaos' concept craftsman, purveyor of partnerships, and capitalist-strategist.

Leo is a keen snowboarder, but given the tropics lack the white conditions, he's often training in the gym or running into man-mountains on the rugby pitch. 

If you have an enquiry related to advertising, partnerships or company development, Leo's your go-to guy.

The Team
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