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match report

17th February 2017

Hong Kong Mini Rugby

SCAA First Pacific Causeway Bay U-10s


Tseun Wan Rhinos


SCAA CWB Tryscorers: Connor, Hugo, Morris, Copper, Owen, Nicolas

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Danny Tso

17th February 2017

Sandy Bay

Our forwards were doing a great job by providing support and although they won several rucks, we managed to score our first try of the game.


A series of incisive counter attack by Hugo and Connor ensured that the boys kept the pressure on the Rhinos and Hugo scored a second try.


Morris made a fantastic run that started from within our half and was unlucky not to score, with Rhino capitalising on the counter to pull one back.


However, CWB recovered well to push the opposition back and held on till the end of the game

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