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2017 Hong Kong T20 Blitz to feature opening clash between Hung Hom JD Jaguars and Galaxy Gladiators Lantau

Hung Hom JD Jaguars and Galaxy Gladiators Lantau will kick off the Hong Kong T20 Blitz on Wednesday March 8, as determined by the fixtures draw which took place Thursday night.


City Kaitak and Kowloon Cantons play each other later in the day, while HKI United are to open their tournament on Thursday 9th of March against the Jaguars.

Two matches will be played on each day with the exception of ‘Super Saturday’, which will feature three back-to-back games.

Director of Cricket Charlie Burke said the excitement of the tournament is now well and truly building.


“It’s great that we’ve now got the fixtures locked in and we can start counting down,” Burke said.


“There will be a good mix of professional and club cricketers and will be a great test to see which team can handle that intensity over five days.”

Bids were also placed for the first pick in the draft in early January, which was secured by Galaxy Gladiators Lantau.

Team co-owner Gaurav Dhariwal was delighted at the outcome of the auction.

“We wanted to show that we want to be number one and get the advantage with the team as we were lacking players last time who had been exposed to the international circuit,”

“And since it’s for charity, then we believe in sharing so that’s great. We will be donating it to the Indian Temple.”

The entirety of the $62,752 raised from the silent auction will be distributed among charities of each team's choice.

Draft Order

1. Galaxy Gladiators Lantau

2. HKI United

3. City Kaitak

4. Kowloon Cantons

5. Hung Hom JD Jaguars

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