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Around The Island Race (ATIR) 2016


Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club

13 November 2016


The annual Around The Island Race (ATIR) has been split into two separate events, with the rowing and paddling race taking place separately from the sailing. The race requires teams to complete one whole lap around Hong Kong Island. At the same time, teams competed on land, covering the same distance on specially designed ergos, trying to beat the teams who had taken to the water. This was Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club's (RHKYC) first time conducting the race in this way, and it was a huge success!

The race saw Hong Kong teams battle it out against internationals, in a number of disciplines. The race results have been published below, along with photos from the day's event. A huge amount of effort was put in by all participants, not just on the day itself, but in the preparation that preceded it. A huge congratulation must go to the Hawaii team for the fastest time of the day, completing the course in just 3 hours and 32 minutes, as well as to the Spanish Rowing Quad who gained a new record.

Congratulations must also go to RHKYC for conducting an absolutely seamlessly run event! We hope to see all the teams who competed again next year, as well as more entries as the event continues to grow.

Around The Island Race (ATIR) 2016 Race Results





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