Our pick of 5 Hong Kong sporting events to play or watch!

May 30, 2019

1. 2019 Spartan Race Hong Kong 

Date: June 1 (Sat)

Time: 7:00am-6:00pm

Venue: Yuen Tau Shan

Admission: $50 for spectators, Spartans can still register HERE


This Saturday, FitEvents is bringing to you the Spartan Race, one of the world's best obstacle course race, with over 240 races in 25 countries around the world this year!


The Spartan Race is not your everyday running race - expect to run, climb, push, pull, throw and crawl through walls, hills, trees, mud, barbed wire and other challenging but fun obstacles.


The Hong Kong Spartan race will have four different races: The Spartan Sprint, The Spartan Super, Hurricane Heat 12 hour and Hurricane Heat - an unforgettable experience for all runners alike!


If you come as a spectator, you can still enjoy the event with music, hands-on obstacle challenges, local food/beverage vendors and sponsor giveaways available throughout the day.


2. Sunday Night Floorball 

Date: June 2nd (Sun)

Time: 6:00pm-7:00pm

Venue: YMCA King's Park Centenary Centre

Admission: FREE


The Yau Ma Tei Jokers and Kung Pow Kings Hockey brings you their weekly floorball game in Yau Ma Tei.


Floorball is a variant of hockey that is played on concrete/non-grass grounds and played over a smaller area - so no need for bulky protection and specialised footwear. 


Stop by to watch or participate in a game of floorball for some Sunday night fun - just contact Mike on +852 95300671! 


3. Martial Art x Movement 

Date: June 1 (Sat) 

Time: 5:30pm-7:00pm

Venue: White Crane Silat, 11-15 On Lan Street, Central 

Admission: First time trial: free, single drop-in class: $200


Martial Art x Movement is a weekly class that features a dynamic workout integrating flowing whole-body movements, partner exercises, and meditation.


Located at PGB HK, they train White Crane Silat (KunTao) - a traditional martial art with a modern twist.


Be sure to drop in this Saturday for a unique fitness experience!  


4. Impala Rollerskates Meet-up 

Date: May 25th (Sat)

Time: 2:00pm-4:00pm  

Venue: Tseung Kwan O Skatepark

Admission: FREE


If you're into rollerskating at all, this is the perfect event for you. 


Quadskates brand Impala are teaming up with local Hong Kong rollerskaters Chicks in Bowls for a meet-up, featuring their own skate ambassadors Madi and Lilly and of course the Chicks in Bowls crew. 


Come along for the chance to meet some like-minded skaters and get ready to bring back the 70s! 


5. HKFC Masters Squash Open 

Date: May 31 (Fri)-June 2 (Sun)

Time: 2:00pm (Fri)-3:00 p.m (Sun)  

Venue: Hong Kong Football Club, Sports Road 

Admission: FREE to watch 


This Friday is the start of the 2nd HKFC Masters Squash open. A great international competition over 3 days, this event is open for participation to men and women aged 35 and above.


Play commences at 2 p.m. on Friday and ends at around 3 p.m. on Sunday.


More information at: www.hkfcsquash.com



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