Here are the best ways to start playing rugby this summer!

May 3, 2019

 Photo credit: Hong Kong Rugby Union


Even though the Hong Kong Sevens came, conquered and rode off into the sunset, the city continues to be a hotbed of rugby as preparations for the upcoming season slowly ease into gear during the summer break. 


This presents the perfect opportunity for newcomers to get acquainted with the basics of the sport, with many major rugby clubs and the Hong Kong Rugby Union itself serving up a whole host of lessons and courses catered to different ages groups. 


Here are some options: 


1. Hong Kong Rugby Union Elementary Rugby Training Course

Price: $320

Age Limit: 18 and above

Gender: Mixed 


If you're a complete beginner to rugby and looking for a detailed introduction to the basics of the sport, get the official low-down with the Rugby Union's Elementary Rugby Course. 


The Course is divided into two phases; participants will first familiarise themselves with individual skills and team strategies through a series of hands-on exercises, starting off with non-contact Touch Rugby.  


Armed with a rudimental grasp of the game, the Second Phase will see players move on to 15-a-side full-contact rugby, rounded off with a competition game at King's Park. 


With an e-certificate as proof of your hard work and the option to play for a local club available upon completion, this could be the first step on your journey to becoming a fully-fledged rugby player!


2. Valley Women's Summer Fun 

Price: FREE

Age Limit: None

Gender: Mixed 


Valley RFC have stepped up their recruitment drive with a snazzy new video and their Women's team (incidentally the most dominant team in the past decade) are now organising rugby sessions at Happy Valley each Thursday, welcoming players of all skills and fitness levels. 


While not necessarily featuring dedicated coaches and participants can learn the game as they go along; emulating Valley players may be as a good a way to improve your game as any. 


We're not promising anything, but if the prospect of representing the mighty Black Ladies or the Men's squads appeals to you, this may well be your chance to impress! 


3. Hong Kong Tag

Price: $30 for newcomers, $10 for first-timers 

Age Limit: None

Gender: Mixed 


Non-contact rugby is a fantastic way to get acquainted with the sport, as well as building up fitness levels in the off-season. 


A variation of this is Tag Rugby, where removing coloured tags from an opponent's shorts counts as a tackle - allowing for plenty of participation from both men and ladies throughout the year. 


Aside from providing you with a taste of rugby without the fear of braving head-on collisions, Tag is every bit an organised sport in its own right, with leagues, tournaments and a Hong Kong representative squad - a fun and safer alternative to full-contact rugby! 


4. SCAA Causeway Bay Women's Rugby Training Course 

Price: Unknown

Age Limit: 18 and above

Gender: Female only 


Causeway Bay RFC boast one of the most prominent women's rugby clubs in Hong Kong and with their signature tops, are a recognisable presence on the rugby circuit.


They also run a yearly summer course, with guys also welcome to join members of the men's team, who will be present for fitness and touch rugby every Tuesday and Thursday at Happy Valley,


If joining and learning all aspects of rugby alongside a passionate bunch of players is something you'd like to do, look no further than the women in pink. 


Contact 62190519 for more enquiries! 


5. Get in touch 


Funnily enough, getting involved in a sport here in Hong Kong could be just as simple as a Facebook message away. 


Harness the power of social media and get in contact with any major rugby club's official pages - take your pick from Hong Kong Scottish, Hong Kong Football Club, HKU Sandy Bay, Kowloon RFC, USRC Tigers, Causeway Bay RFC and many more. 


Immerse yourself in the Hong Kong rugby community, make some new friends and most importantly, remember to have fun on and off the pitch! 




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