How WISE is reshaping the Hong Kong sports landscape

March 8, 2019

Photo credit: WISE Facebook


As it is International Women’s Day, it is only fitting to take the time to appreciate the women making a difference in Hong Kong’s sporting community.


The organisation WISE (Women in Sports Empowered) deserves special recognition. Since 2017, WISE has been encouraging the participation of women in sports so that they can lead active, meaningful and self-fulfilled lives. 


Here in Hong Kong, women involved in sport are not as celebrated nor encouraged when compared to other countries. WISE tries to subvert this norm by raising awareness of the numerous benefits playing sport has and why it matters to girls in particular.


The organisation host various programs and initiatives to push this agenda, encouraging and celebrating girls who try to lead a more active lifestyle and offering opportunities for others to do so.


Away from the fun and games of it all, WISE also importantly teaches girls how sports can help develop crucial, personal and professional skills.


In a community dominated by men, WISE is a shining beacon - letting everyone know that women have a rightful place in the sports community as well.


To find out more about how WISE supports sportswomen in Hong Kong, visit their website at




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