The More Chaos Weekly Roundup: Jan 25 - Feb 1


We wrap up yet another thrilling week of Hong Kong sports with a recap of all our articles and video content which you may have missed!  


1) Spotlight: Inside Shui Wei Football Club

 Photo credit: Shui Wei FC


If you haven't heard of Shui Wei FC already, take a look at our article about the only amateur football club from Mainland China to play their trade in Hong Kong.


We document the struggles they face and if you're looking to enter Hong Kong's football scene, whether they're a club worth joining. 


2) 2019 DB Pirates International All Girls Beach Festival 

MoreChaosHK Youtube Channel 


Our third consecutive year at the All Girls Beach Festival was marked with the same pulsating action and fantastic atmosphere which has made it such a hit within the Hong Kong rugby community. 


Check out the best highlights and get a feel for the spirit of the festival from our video! 


Alternatively, find out the facts, figures and enjoy a couple of standout tries in our video report above, available on our Youtube and Facebook channels! 


3) Hong Kong Football Quiz


With the 2019 Lunar New Year Cup just a few days away, featuring legends like Fernando Torres, have a go at our Hong Kong-themed football quiz to see if you really are a supporter of the local football community.


4) 9 Dragons Ultra 

Photo credit: Lloyd Belcher Visuals/9 Dragons


It's officially marathon season. We got in the spirit by chatting with Racing Director Steven Carr about the infamously gruelling 9 Dragons Ultraa race that will push you like no other. Suss out vital stats such as distances, elevation and the reason behind its popularity since starting in 2017!  



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