Spotlight: Inside USRC's Football Section

January 24, 2019

 Photo credit: HK Soccer Sevens


As the story goes, the groundwork for the USRC's football section was laid way back in 1995, on the back of a couple of drinks at the club's famous Gunners bar.


Since then, the club boasts over 70 players and three teams - with their spotlight team Gunners currently sitting second in the first division of the Legal League. 


Compared to the average amateur football team in Hong Kong, the USRC Gunners have “rather high standards”, with most of their players having played a decent level before joining. However, there are no specific criteria in terms of quality that needs to be met in order to join. 


Although the USRC do not have any requirements per se, if you expect game time, a certain amount of commitment must be shown. By turning up to training consistently (occurs once a week) and being readily available on matchdays, you'll get your fair chance of getting selected for the squad. 


Perhaps what sets the club out from others is their training ethos; while the club definitely has a winning mentality, their sessions are very much relaxed and more about "giving the lads an enjoyable fitness session". Generally, those who have trained more will be rewarded with more minutes on the pitch, more so than merely being the case of picking the best XI on paper. 


Luckily, all of the USRC’s games are played on a Friday, allowing the opportunity for all players to come down to the USRC club after for food and drink, with their “Curry Club Friday” the “highlight of the week” for some of the lads.


Aside from regular Friday drinks, they also several “Club Night Outs” spread throughout the year including bowling, golfing and pub crawls. It also has an annual Christmas party to celebrate the season's achievements. 


With regards to finances, the USRC charge $1500 HKD per season for full-time employees and $600 HKD for students or unemployed, but may waive fees depending on a player’s financial situation. 


Ultimately, the USRC seem to offer a cohesive social atmosphere with strong footballing qualities to boot and if you're looking for an enriching ‘Sunday League’ experience, the USRC is definitely one to add to your shortlist.



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