Our pick of 5 Hong Kong sporting events to play or watch!

September 28, 2018


 1. NETFEST 2018

Date: 29th Sept (Sat)

Time: 12pm-6pm  

Venue: Fa Hui Park 

101 Boundary St, Sham Shui Po (Prince Edward Exit A) 

Admission: FREE 


One of the biggest events on the Hong Kong netball calendar is back! 


While a certain Typhoon Signal 10 meant the postponement of Day 2, clear blue skies are set to preside over an afternoon's worth of exciting back-to-back fixtures, including the U-13s, U-15s, Fast 5 U-18s, Fast 5 Women's and Fast 5 Mixed categories.


Don't miss the chance to catch several members of the Hong Kong squad in action! 


 2. Joint Dynamics: September Movement in the Park 

Date: 29th Sep (Sat) 

Time: 5pm

Venue: Tamar Park 

Harcourt Road, Admiralty 

Admission: $250 (inclusive of food and refreshment), FREE for children under 15 accompanied by an adult 


Go about each day faster, stronger and more efficiently with Joint Dynamics' team of expert trainers this Saturday at Tamar Park! 


Participants will be put through a variety of bodyweight exercises and movement situations designed to improve the way you play sports and exercise, right down to performing everyday manual tasks. 


What's more, you'll enjoy a whopping 50% off Joint Dynamics' Gait Analysis at their newly-minted Quarry Bay Branch location! 


Find out more HERE.


3. Hong Kong Tag Rugby Session 

Date: 30th Aug (Sun)

Time: 6.30pm-8pm 

Venue: Happy Valley Pitch 6

1 Sports Road, Happy Valley

Admission: $30 (FREE for first-timers) 


Fancy giving rugby a try without the risk getting battered by a 120kg forward?


Give Tag Rugby a go - a sport where speed and agility matters more than physicality and raw strength, making it perfectly suited for lads and ladies of all abilities.


Bring along an extra $30 to rent a pair or tag shorts, which are specially made so you can attach tags on them that when removed by an opponent, counts as a tackle.


Or fork out $150 to snag yourself a pair outright, when you realise there's simply no better way to spend your Sunday evenings.   


Find out what the hype all about and check out our Hong Kong touch rugby videos if you're still trying to decide.. 



4. Hong Kong University Quidditch Taster  

Date: 4 Aug (Sat) 

Time: 3pm-6pm

Venue: Happy Valley Recreation Ground 

'Wong Nai Chung Road

Admission: Details


Can you can bludgeon opponents with more brutality than Lord Voldemort? Do you have the moves to make Harry Potter look like a third-rate Seeker?


Then you'll be pleased to know that Quidditch training is now available for Hong Kong-based Muggles, thanks to the guys at HKU Quidditch​ and HK Quidditch​, with equipment provided! 


Find out why the sport has attracted a cult following in universities (or college for our American readers) across the world!


You can also check out our Hong Kong Quidditch video for an idea of what to expect. 


(Disclaimer: Brooms only capable of limited, leg-propelled flight..)



5. Beach Volleyball for Beginners  

Date: 4 Aug (Sat) 

Time: 8pm-11pm 

Venue: Choi Hung Road Beach Volleyball Court

150 Choi Hung Rd, San Po Kong

Admission: $150 (FREE for first-timers), $1500 for 3 months 


What way to make the most of what's left of summer by engaging in a quintessential summer sport?


Nestled in the Choi Hung area of Kowloon is a beach volleyballer's idea of paradise, which means you don't have to travel to any of the Bays and beaches for this. 


This one's specifically for beginners, although there are regular league fixtures for those who would much prefer to indulge their competitive streak. 


Bring water, comfortable clothes and find out all the juicy deets here



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