5 Unconventional Tips to Faster Recovery

June 12, 2018

To be the best, athletes continuously push their bodies to get faster and go beyond the limits of the past. Getting stronger, faster and better comes at a price. Fatigue, inflammation and injury can get in the way of your goals and greatness.  Here are 5 tips to help you recovery quicker so you can push your limits.


1. Hold the Ice

Ice numbs the pain, and reduce swelling by slowing down blood circulation. But wait! Blood flow heals. Blood circulation is the highway of your body. It’s responsible for transporting nutrition, hormones and waste. When recovering from an injury, especially soft tissue where blood flow is limited, you want to stimulate blood flow to accelerate the healing process. 


2. Stem Cell

There is no panacea, but stem cell therapy might just be the next best thing. Stem cells are undivided cells that can splice into any cells necessary. There are 3 ways stem cells can be derived, from blood platelets, bone marrow and embryonic. Treatment centres now can offer stem cell injections to treat a variety of injuries. Popular destination for stem cell therapy include Las Vegas, New York and soon Hong Kong?


3. Float Therapy

Sensory deprivation therapy or Float Therapy has blown up in popularity in the last few years. The water is saturated with 500 kg of magnesium which allows you to rest effortlessly on the surface. While it is popular for the pain relief and improved sleep quality, top athletes, Tom Brady and Stephen Curry, also use it to get mentally focused and for visualization. “Floating” can be done at centres in Singapore, Taiwan, China, Japan and at Float On in Hong Kong.


4. Sex for Painkiller

Similar to exercise, sex releases natural neuro chemicals like norepinephrine, dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin. These endorphins, oxytocin and dopamine are all natural pain killer and gives feelings of euphoria. Please be mindful not to exasperate your injury with strenuous techniques. Your sense of recovery and well-being does not simply reply on physical conditions but also mental condition. Making time for rest and relaxation with love ones will help prepare your mind for the next hard training day.


5. Time

This is counter intuitive to a lot of high performing athletes. There is simply no free lunch. Depending on the extent of the injury recovery time is absolutely necessary. Catastrophic career ending injuries typically is an accumulation of ignored chronic injuries exacerbated by acute traumatic injuries. Athletes’ relentless pursuit of peak performance is often their oversight. Having a trusted coach, mentor or training partner that knows your threshold can mean the difference between an Olympic medal and a long hospital visit. Every athlete's body is different. To mitigate injuries, frequent body tests and assessments are extremely valuable. Popular methods include heart rate variability tests are great starting point to gage likeliness for injuries.


Train hard, train smart train without injuries is an ever changing balancing act. Please use this as a reminder to take care yourself. We wish everyone the best on their athletic pursuits.


A Quote to Ponder: “To achieve what others can't, you must be willing to do what others won't” - Les Brown


About: Simon Liu - Website - Facebook


Simon was at one point in life over 250 lb, obese and depressed. Now he’s helping Hong Kong de-stress with Float Therapy at Float On Hong Kong.





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