2018 Hong Kong Four Nations Tournament preview: Grenada

February 5, 2018


INF World Ranking: 23rd 


According to Grenadian news sources, netball experienced a surge in popularity in the 1980s, during which the Caribbean nation enjoyed its most successful spell in regional championships playing against the likes of Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica. 


While some have lamented a recent slump in the development of the sport in Grenada since, the self-styled "Spice Girls" put on a winning display at the Netball Europe Championships in 2016 - an achievement that propelled them to 21st in the world rankings.  


With Grenada and Hong Kong currently placed 23rd and 24th respectively in the world rankings, spectators can certainly look forward to a close battle between the two sides. 



Interview with Dee-Ann Gooding, Grenada Captain. 


Q: How much are you looking forward to the Four Nations? 

I can certainly say my team and I have been waiting with great anticipation and we are quite anxious to participate in this Four Nations Cup. We would also like to extend our sincerest  gratitude for inviting us. We have been training extremely hard and our focus is to do our best and rise victoriously.


Q: What do you know about the teams you will be playing against and how much of a challenge do you think they will be?

Recently Grenada had the opportunity to experience both teams style of play and we are definitely aware that Grenada has its own unique style. We have also studied the strategies of both teams and have developed effective methods to counteract. Due to the fact that our island of Grenada is located quite a far distance away, we are grateful that this Four Nations Cup can bring seemingly distant countries together to experience the diversity that Netball brings.


Q: What would it mean for your team to take the Cup home?

It would mean that my team and I accomplished the goal we set out to attain. With God as our leader, the support of our Grenadian people and the resilience of our President of Grenada's Netball, the Coaching Staff and my teammates and I, we were able to knock down barriers and overcome all obstacles that were meant to keep us from this Four Nations Cup. As a result, we will showcase our magnificent talent and skills and exhibit our relentless determination for victory in order to take the Cup home to our island of Grenada.



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