Match Report: HKCC Men's D 1-4 144U C

February 2, 2018




The match got off to a good start, despite that all too familiar scenario of starting without a full team (let alone reserves), so 10 men took to the field.


First half went reasonably well and we did a good job of covering the pitch with a strong back line of Matt, PD and Bungle keeping the oppositions out of our D most of the time, and Alex making some good saves when required.


We were unlucky not to get anything on the board from our various forays into their D, with some quick breaks as Goldy and Stu both sped across the pitch. Despite that, it was 2-0 at half time.


This being Sparrow's last game (again), there was much anticipation for the Sparrowmeter to start spinning with some points...The second half started promisingly with Goldy scoring after a bit of scrappy play around their keeper. 2-1 and it looked like we might salvage things.


Sparrow put his body on the line to block one of their free hits, (at waist height!), and in the pause that followed Stu realised the whistle had not gone and seized the chance for an attack which was sadly thwarted.


We denied them any success from their short corners, although it did end up with Stu getting a knock to the head (to go with the other bumps he'd acquired). Grouty and Mike did a fine job covering mid field, although the lack of our 11th player left a lot of extra space to cover.


They had one particularly skillful player (*ringer*) who ran circles round us and slotted away another couple of goals to take them up to 4-1. There was a final burst of speed from Sparrow up the left wing, a glorious few touches, a fine cross... and nobody reached it.


So 4-1 as the whistle blew, and probably a fair result given we were playing with 10 men. Special mention to the cheerleaders Russ and Bedders who did a great job on the bag of cold beers, but I didn't think much of their cheerleader outfits...


And Bungle's 'green suede shoes' also deserve comment, with thanks to whoever lent him some more appropriate footwear!



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