Match Report: HKCC Ladies B 2-0 Valley C

January 8, 2018


Despite the early start and the UK weather conditions, the HKCC B ladies braved the cold in the first game of the year with a win against Valley C, 2-0.


After the blow of starting whistle, it didn't take long for us to get into the groove and move the ball up to the D ... on numerous occasions but despite a few near misses, including a spectacular dive from Amelia to deflect a cross from the right, goals were just not meant to be.


At this juncture we welcome Emma Piachaud to the B team (Big Welcome Emma!), who living up to her reputation as being handy at goal scoring and deft stick skills broke the curse and scored the opening goal.


Not to be outdone, the second goal followed shortly after by Amelia with a superb "jink" (Chris' lingo) over the goalie ending with a crisp crack at the back of the goal.


Everyone ran hard and played well throughout, particularly in the first half of the game. Vivian solid positioning at left mid; Dreamy intercepting and slapping the ball out of danger; and Jaz strong saves and kicks up field.


It was good to have Kirsty back from injury, holding fort in the midfield and Michelle running tirelessly as usual. Caro, taking one for the team with a knock on the head - hope you are OK Caro!


GD was seen taking baseball like opportunities towards the goal, Gill M displaying solid and composed qualities in midfield. Big thanks to GD and Gill M for helping us out. WA of the match, yours truly.


Bring on 2018!



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