Match Report: HKCC Ladies B 0-0 HKFC E

December 6, 2017


Despite the Christmas festivities having truly begun the night before (at the debauched, Vodka Luge infused HKCC Christmas Party) the B Team were highly motivated to do our best and maintain our position at top of the league.


The second half of the season had begun and we set out to win against the FC once more. The game started with a significant amount of play down the left hand side with immediate pressure being put on the FC by Michelle (despite her 3am bedtime) and K Rose.


However play switched to the FC end soon after and our defense were put under some pressure with many free hits for the FC. Our solid defensive line kept their composure and managed to prevent any attacking shots at goal.


We witnessed some stunning lateral passes from the back however the FC team started to intercept we had to re-think some of our passes.


Play switched again and we found ourselves on the attack with some swift play down the right from Skittle and Janet (who thankfully didn't make it to Le Jardin).


Finally winning a few short corners we had some shots at goal with Sarah, Dreamy and Angel (who was on form after a good rest on Karen's couch) doing their utmost to get the ball over the line ..but to no avail.


The halftime whistle blew with 0 goals on the score sheet. Half time chat highlighted we needed to run TO the ball, pass quicker and sub more frequently. The key point from our esteemed goalie Jas was - we need to MARK MORE! Our “Mo-Bro”collective (coaches Chris and Ash) words let’s be “MORE HUNGRY” for the ball raised their ugly head again. We knew it was time to wake up and play better, positive, productive hockey.


In the 2H we came together as a team and dominated large stretches of the match. Some magnificent play from Lou and Vivian up the right hand side helped us push our advantage. We missed several chances to take the lead with some good saves and a very near goal from Janet as the ball hit the post.


Then the unthinkable happened - the match ended 3-4 minutes early as the pitch began to be watered with 0-0 still on the score sheet. A disappointing, somewhat shocking end to the match. .. Needless to say a stewards enquiry has been raised!



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