Match Report: HKCC D 4-1 Antlers B

November 28, 2017

A bright and early start for a Sunday morning saw an unseen event of a full team with an actual sub. Crazy way to start the day. Especially when we noticed Antlers playing with no goalie or kicking back


From the off the team played a lovely passing game and managed to keep the ball for the most part in their half. With the oppositions defence struggling with the pure might of the D teams forwards and sure enough, three short corners in rapid succession enabled us to take the lead with Prim taking the goal from the slide position.


We had them in the bag, or so we thought as Antlers seemed to start playing with a little more gusto. Louie then proceeded to try and break an oppositions stick with his knee.


Thankfully he only went off for part of the first half but we seemed to lose the wind in our sails somewhat and the rest of the half we were struggling to get it together.


Literally seconds before the end of the first half Antlers managed to get a goal back against us, which seemed unfortunate and opportunistic on their part. Alex made a great save but the ball kicked out behind him and was brought home by one of the opposing team.


So mid way point and the scores 1-1. A swift side line chat and we were all energised for the second half. Certainly wanting to try and give these youths a right proper kickin...


Second half we seemed to play with a bit more want. Lots of good quick passing from the backs to mids and up to forwards. Certainly much nicer hockey was played. Rewarding us in 3 more goals, the first for Mike with lovely a strike from top D. The next coming from Stu with a sliding reverse strike. The final third from Mike again having a great strike close to the top D.


It certainly wasn’t a one sided half and Antlers were not keen to be out of the picture. They drove hard into our lines of defence. Holding their ground strong with great work from Mark, Chris and rest of the crew back in the trenches. Playing the ball back out and up the lines.


Solid work chaps, if we can field a full team with subs. We can create some havoc on the pitch. Never again should we settle for anything less.



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