Match Report: HKCC Ladies B 0-3 Recreio A

November 11, 2017

 Photo credit: Susie Crombie


And so after a very lengthy period of being undefeated (Coaches Chris and Ash will fill you in on the exact number of years, months and days) the Ladies B team conceded 3 goals to Recreio A and as a result now shares the table’s top spot.


Whilst acknowledging that this was by far our toughest game in the league to date, it was a disappointing outcome for the team, and a result that didn’t truly reflect play on the day.


We arrived in the Valley under a sky that was bright but at least another few degrees cooler than the prior weeks and despite being slightly tardy, a last minute rev up (telling off!) from Chris and Ash meant that we were ready and raring to go, on what was the HKCC Ladies Club Day!


Play got off to a quick start and it seemed that no sooner than the opening whistle had been blown that Recreio A managed to grab a break away opportunity with a first goal.


Not to be deterred, we fought back hard, and play remained relatively even for the mid section of the first half. We created several great opportunities from the midfield and up into our forward line, but didn’t manage to convert.


Notwithstanding some superb defending and build up into our 25, before half time another break away opportunity for Recreio unfortunately resulted in a second goal. Following an intense half time chat, we were still confident that the game could go either way, and went back on the pitch determined to turn the score around.


We worked hard as a team, and had great sideline support from the Club, but suffice to say, our structure and composure let us down, resulting in yet another goal from the opposition before the fulltime whistle.


Full highlights:



A disappointing result, but many lessons to take away from the game and into the rest of the season. For starters, we were reminded that we don’t really like losing! Most importantly, it was HKCC Club Day, and the majority of our team remained pitch side for a consolatory drink or two whilst cheering on our fellow Ladies’ teams.


Second cab off the rank was the Ladies A team who put on an absolutely spectacular performance against the league’s top team and of course everyone’s nemesis, HKFC A - a nail-biting 70 minutes resulting in a 4-4 draw! Later on, we saw our Ladies C team (Dream Team) confidently add another 3 points to the bag with a 4-1 win against Khalsa.


Not the result the B’s wanted, but as a Section, we’ll take a loss, a draw and a win for HKCC, plus a great afternoon with plenty of support from the section, family and friends.


Thank you to everyone who helped make Ladies’ Club Day the success it was.



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