Match Report: HKCC Ladies C 4-1 Khalsa A

November 11, 2017

Photo credit: Susie Crombie 


Like Valley the week before them, Khalsa A came to this game expecting a different result.


Feisty from the start (refusing to agree to 30 minute halves despite the game not starting until after we all should have been in the pub and Skip should have been on her way to the airport), Khalsa's tactics were clearly to come out hard and fast, closing down balls quickly and tackling aggressively.


This unsettled us a little at the start as we attempted to keep up with the pace they were setting and not to get rattled by the elbows (not Elbows) that were somewhat unnecessarily flying around the pitch.


Full highlights:


Fortunately we kept our heads and gradually took control of the game through first half goals from Maddie and Elbows - who was perfectly positioned at the back post to score her first ever goal for the #cteamdreamteam.


Our defence was strong as usual and Khalsa rarely looked like scoring, although snuck one in at the start of the second half leading to a squeaky bum (according to Coach) 5 or 10 minutes when they could have got back into it.


Fortunately we managed to convert a couple more opportunities up front after a few goal line skirmishes (thanks to Maddie and Trina) and finished the game 4-1 winners.


Player of the Match votes were pretty even after a fantastic team performance - with Maddie and Elbows coming out as joint winners.


Big thanks are due to our supporters who cheered us on throughout and ensured the eskis were topped up for when we finished. Thanks guys!




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