Match Report: HKCC D 1-2 HKU A

October 31, 2017


A full complement of D’s showed up on a gorgeous Sunday night at King’s Park to take on a mixed group of young speedsters and paunchy yet wily veterans from HKU.


The first half was fairly even but your D’s, in the opinion of this humble scribe, played better.


When trying to slam the ball through gaps we struggled. The opposition were very good at trapping. Their vulnerability in the first half was that they played all but one man up high. So the D’s took advantage and as our hard working halves pushed the ball up our forwards were able to get a flurry of action in front of their net.


The ball came to Roger (CFL) Paisley and this time he put it in the back, making up for two very frustrating misses earlier on.


This spurred HKU on and they proceeded to level the score just before the half time whistle.


First half highlight: Nick Sparrow played his final moments as a resident of Hong Kong. He’ll be returning to Singapore and he will be missed.


We seemed to lose a bit of oomph in the second half and HKU had us on the back foot after that, which eventually saw us conceding another goal.


On a positive note it was good to have a full team come out and as the season progresses we should see improvement in play.


Man of the match goes to Stu for his relentless energy and appearing everywhere.




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