Match Report: HKCC Ladies B 4-0 Antlers A

October 11, 2017

 Photo credit: Susie Crombie


Being the fourth week of the 2017/18 season but only the second game for the B's - there was a lot of excitement on Saturday to get back on the pitch after our solid start to the season against Hong Kong Football Club E's.


We set out to King's Park in some sweltering conditions but this would prove to be a minor hurdle for the HKCC B's, for we went into the match with a good first result behind us and planned to build on this momentum for another positive outcome.


That being said, we knew we had to keep our composure as the team continues getting used to playing with one another. K Rose's debut game for the team couldn’t have gone better, as she put 2 goals into the back of the box with great ease.


Although we had to stay on our toes with a defensive short corner or two, this was merely to give Jas some activity in the circle and keep her awake.


Despite the heat, we were feeling good at half-time with a 2-0 lead. We knew we had the spare legs so together with our smooth and frequent subbing we went into the second half with the aim to peg down their "diamond shaped" key players. This not only required the involvement of the midfield players, but from the back line through to the front we man-marked and let the ball do the work.


Holly set up a prize penalty flick opportunity for the team, in which we all nominated Caro. Fierce and determined, Caro slammed the ball into the back right corner.


In her delicate style, Gill managed to squeeze in our final goal for the victory, only a few minutes before the whistle blew for a 4-0 win!


Another superb team effort to earn the bonus point win, and a lovely match thoroughly enjoyed by all.


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