Match Report: HKCC Ladies Prem A 1-4 Valley A

September 27, 2017

A win would have been nice, but nevertheless we all love a Valley game!


The ladies in black came hard and fast, putting us on the defensive from the get go. However our composure at the back was outstanding as we continued to absorb the relentless Valley pressure. Any attempt to break through the mid with a long ball was swiftly shut down and a change of tactic was called.


With more focus on movement around the back and quality short plays, some golden moments opened for HKCC. From Jenny A’s counter attack to Bec’s precise pass onto Ash’s stick, we were dancing just prior to Ash’s powershot into the back of the net, which evened the scoreboard 1-1 at half time.



In the second half Valley slipped away from us, scoring 3 more goals. Gill was under fire and kept the crowd on the edge as she saved a barrage of shorties and shots on from every angle.


The competitive streak in Griz was never more evident than her defensive sprint from past half way to break down a rogue striker. Certainly, everyone had many moments to be proud of and despite the result, it was a stellar team effort all around.


On the sideline, it’s possible Rob met his match with the coach banter, and our super supporters were yet again in fabulous form, as were our bakers and booze buyers… thank you all! (for the record, video evidence confirms Ash’s foot did not intervene in the goal).


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