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Hong Kong's Quidditch pioneers play historic match against South Korea

Photo credit: HKU Quidditch

The Hong Kong Quidditch scene reached a significant milestone at Stanley Ho Sports Complex last Saturday, as students from Hong Kong University took flight against the Seoul Puffskeins in a thrilling 3-game match-up.

Having previously held training sessions and matches within the city, the prospect of going international had always been at the forefront of the organisers' wish list.

Nor was the gravity of the occasion lost on the players, who posed a lingering threat throughout and even unsettled their more seasoned opponents in the second game, during which they claimed the snitch to prevail 90-40.

In keeping with a growing awareness over issues surrounding societal perceptions and practices pertaining to gender equality and identity, the event was held as part of Year 4 student Chris Lau Kwun-shing's "Fly for Equality" project, which aims at addressing those very aforementioned topics and hopes that "the traditional concept that male and female should play a sport separately can be broken".

Photo credit: HKU Quidditch

Indeed, Quidditch rules specify that there must be no more than four out of seven members associated with the majority gender on the pitch and as a sport, has taken universities and schools in Europe and the United States by storm.

Regardless of the result, the players can be proud of having made Hong Kong Quidditch history and have a Butterbeer on us!

Interested in taking up a broom? Watch this video explaining how to play Quidditch!

To find out more about Chris' project, visit:

Full results:

Game 1 - HKU 50 : 230* Seoul Puffskeins

Game 2 - HKU 90* : 40 Seoul Puffskeins

Game 3 - HKU 40* : 120 Seoul Puffskeins

*- Snitch caught

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